Jaguar X300 Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)


VIN Stamping in Trunk – Revised Location

01-13 1997 MY Product Update –Vehicle Specification Changesand Feature Enhancements
01-18 Interior Trim Cleaning –Recommended Products & Procedures
1-224NAS Mandatory Tool - Midtronics PSC-550 Vehicle Power Supply
03.1-01 New Special Tool –Valve Seat Cutter Pilot MS 76150/7
01.1-04 Poor Idle Quality –Normally Aspirated AJ16 Engine –Valve Timing Modification
03.1-05 Valve Timing Changes – AJ16 Engine
03.1-06 New Special Tool 18G 1433/A –Camshaft Timing
03.1-07 Oil Level – Supercharger –Maintenance Check
03.1-08 Camshaft Cover Oil Leaks – AJ16 Engine –Revised Bolt Torque Specification
03.1-09 Rattle After Start – Upper Timing Chain –Install Revised Tensioner
03.1-10 Intermittent Poor Idle – Carbon DepositsOn Exhaust Valves – Repair Procedure
03.1-11 Coolant Leakage – Cylinder Head Gasket –Revised Gasket Design
03.1-13a Cylinder Head Bolts – Reuse Twice –Conditions
03.1-14 Main Bearing Cap Bolts – Reuse Twice –Conditions
03.1-15 Throttle Difficult to Open on Cold Engine –Normally Aspirated Engines –Modify Crankcase Breather System
3-158 [PDF] Wood Veneer Repair Program
03.2-01 Camshaft and Valve Clearance –Revisions
03.2-02 Tappet Block to Cylinder Head Joint – UseLoctite 518 “Master Gasket”
03.2-03 Engine Crankcase – Oil Leaks -Sealing Procedure
04.1-01 Radiator Drain Plug –Specification Change – Replace –Service Action S652
04.1-02a Coolant Specification Change –Coolant D542 (Yellow)
04.2-01 Radiator Drain Plug –Specification Change – Replace –Service Action S652
04.2-02 Coolant Specification Change –Coolant D542 (Yellow)
05.1-01 New Special Tool –Quick-fit Connection Release Tool JD 203
05.1-02 Fuel Pipe – Rattle –Install Pipe Clip
05.1-03 Fuel Tank Pipe Seals –Replacement Procedure
05.1-04 Secondary Air Injection (AIR) – DTCP0411 – Repair Procedure
05.1-06 Special Tool JD 208 – Fuel PressureTesting – Method of Use
05.1-07 Spark Plugs – AJ16 Engine –Change in Specification
05.1.08a MIL Illumination – DTC P0300 –Service Action S659
05.1-09a Uneven Cold Idle –Drivability Enhancements –ECM Upgrade
05.1-10 Fuel Tank Fill – Tank Will Not FillAbove 3/4 – Replace Fuel Tank –Service Action 626
05.1-11a Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) –Revised Torque Specification
05.1-12 Plenum Chamber Drain Valve –Distorted – Water Entering ECM –Service Action S619
05.1-13 Incorrect Fuel Gauge Reading – Diagnosisof Fuel Level Sender Unit
05.1-14 Engine Misfire/Starting Difficulty –Harness Connector Modification
05.1-15 Intermittent High Idle – Replace ThrottleReturn Spring
05.1-16a Poor Hot Start – Tank Pressure ControlValve – Check Operation
05.1-19 EGR Valve Harness – Reroute –Service Action S666
05.1-20 Engine Harness Contacting EGR Pipe –Relocate Harness –Service Action S669
05.1-22a MIL Illumination – DTC P0441 –Service Action S672
05.1-23am2 Throttle Deposits/Sticking Closed –AJ16 Engines – Revised Idle SpeedAdjustment Procedure
05.1-24am MIL Illumination – DTC P0441 –Service Action S675
05.1-25am Momentary Engine Hesitation/Instability –Service Action S676
05.1-26am5 Recall T493 - 1995 MY/Recall R493 - 1996-97MY – AJ16 EGR System –Replace PROMs and EGR Valve
05.1-27a Insufficient AIR Flow – AIR Pump (AIRP) –Diagnosis
05.1-29 Evaporative Loss System Check –Clarified Procedure
05.1-30 Replacement Air Injection Pump –Upgrade Fuse Rating
05.1-31 DTCs P1176, P1177, P1178, P1179 –Adaptive Fuelling System –Diagnostic Procedure
05.1-32 Recall R691 –Incorrect Emission Control Label –Install Revised Label – U.S. Vehicles
05.1-33 Incorrect Emission Control Label –Install Revised Label – Canadian VehiclesService Action S691
05.1-34 Sender Units – Fuel Tank Level –Revised Specification Unit
05.1-35 Spark Plug “Blow-by Stain”/Corona Stain –Spark Plug Function Not Affected –Replacement Unnecessary
05.1-36 Rough Idle/Drivability – Diagnosis toFollow Prior To Replacing MAF
05.2-01 New Special Tool –Quick-fit Connection Release Tool JD 203
05.2-02 Fuel Pipe – Rattle –Install Pipe Clip
05.2-03 Fuel Tank Pipe Seals –Replacement Procedure
05.2-04 Spark Plugs – Revised Specification
05.2-06 Transit Spark Plugs –No Longer Fitted To XJ12
05.2-07 Poor Drivability/MIL Illumination –Check Throttle Synchronization
05.2-08 Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) –OBD II Monitoring – Idle Quality
05.2-09 Plenum Chamber Drain Valve –Distorted – Water Entering ECM –Service Action S619
05.2-10 Fuel Tank Fill – Tank Will Not FillAbove 3/4 – Replace Fuel Tank –Service Action 626
05.2-11am MIL Illumination – DTC P0410 –AIR System – Replace Check Valves –Service Action S653
05.2-14 Enhanced Inspection/Maintenance TestConcern – V12 Engine – DTC P1000 orP1111 Always Present
05.2-15 Incorrect Fuel Gauge Reading – Diagnosisof Fuel Level Sender Unit
05.2-16 Sender Units – Fuel Tank Level –Revised Specification Unit
05.2-17am Enhanced Emission Control SystemWarranty – Extended Coverage –Service Action S700
08.1-01 Transmission Control Module –DTC P1777 – Updated Module
08.1-02 ZF 4HP 24 E Transmission Diagnosis –Using PDU to Verify Fluid is atOperating Temperature
08.1-03a ZF 4 HP 24 E Transmission –Diagnostic Flowcharts
08.1-05 ZF 4HP 24 E Automatic Transmission –Fluid Leak at Bellhousing
08.2-01am Transmission MIL Illumination – RevisedEPROM – Replacement Procedure
08.2-02 Powertrain 4L80-E AutomaticTransmission – Pressure Testing –Pressure Gauge JD 204
08.2-03 Delayed Engagement –Powertrain 4L80-E Transmission –Revised Specification Transmission
09-01 Vehicle Vibration – Diagnosis
09-02 Drive Shaft Fasteners – Revised TorqueSpecifications
10-01 PAS Pump Replacement –Temporary Procedure
10-02 Front Wheel Arch Liner – Noise DuringTight Turns – Repair Procedure
10-03 Operation of Horn Control –Non-NAS Bulletin
10-04 PAS Pump –Drive Dog Tool –Replacement Procedure
10-06 Steering Wheel – Replace Leather Bound SteeringWheel With Wood Steering Wheel – Service ActionS620
10-07am Power Assisted Steering –Diagnosis
10-08 Noise from Power Assisted Steering –Hose Resonating – Repair Procedure
10-09 Power Steering System – RevisedHose Clips on Reservoir-to-Pump Hose
10-10am3 Upper Steering Column – ReplacementProcedure – Not In Vehicle Service Manual
10-11 Steering Rack – Leak at Transfer PipeUnion Nut – Replace O-rings
10-12 Steering Column Tilt Motor Seized –Replace Motor and Column/MirrorMovement Control Module – Procedure
10-13 Leaking Pinion Shaft Oil Seal –Seal Not Serviced Separately –Replace Pinion Valve Housing
10-14 Power Assisted Steering Pumps –Reconditioned Units Available
10-15 Steering Column Cassette –Replacement Procedure
11-01 Suspension – Alignment Specifications
11-02 Front Suspension – Knocks –New “V” Mount Introduced
11-03 Rear Axle Shaft Vibration – Fully LadenVehicle – Install Longer Rear Springs
11-05 Tires and Wheels – Tires “Flat Spotting” - WheelBalance Procedure
11-06 Front Suspension –Vehicle Pulls to One Side –Check Pull Index
11-07 Lower Wishbone – Fulcrum Bolt –Revised Torque Specification
11-08 Vibration Diagnosis –Wheel & Tire Balance
11-09 Knocking Noise – Rear Subframe Bushing– Modification Procedure
11-10 Corrosion Prevention – Wheels & Hubs –Grease Contact Surfaces
12-02 Brake Pedal Effort – Install Revised VacuumPipe and Check Valve
12-04 ABS System – IntermittentMIL/DTC P0500 – New Rear WheelSpeed Sensor Introduced
12-05 New Brake Fluid Specification –Super DOT 4
12-06 Rear Brake Caliper Retaining Bolts –Change of Specification
12-07 Inconsistent Brake Pedal Return – RepairProcedure
12-08 Unsold Stock Vehicles –Replace Front Brake Pads –Service Action S 646
12-09 Brake Disc Vibration –Diagnosis –General Information
12-10am Brake Pedal Switch –Parts Inventory Simplified
13-01 Paint Colors – Primer Color-Keyed to FinishCoat Color
13-04 Interior Protection – ChangesRemoval
13-05 New Special Tool –Sliding Roof Seal Crimping Tool JD 200
13-07 Front Door Seals – Interference with B/CPost – Modified Seals
13-08 Hood Ornament – Transit Screws – MustBe Removed
13-09 Hood Ornament – Installing onReplacement Hoods – Procedure
13-11 Water Ingress – Sliding Roof ControlModule (SRCM) – Improve Sealing
13-12 Model Year Paint Colors
13-14 Front Seats – Softer Cushion Pads –Installation Instructions
13-16 Floor Mat – Interference with Driver’s Seat– Installation Procedure
13-17 Power Windows – Noise During InitialMovement – Install Revised Motor
13-18 Rocker Panel Blackout Area – Repaint – ServiceAction S616
13-19 Discolored Leather Trim – Oatmeal orCream – Service Action S609
13-20 Sunroof –Diagnosis and Setup using PDU –Manual Operation
13-21 Trunk Release Button – Sticking –Repair Procedure – Service Action S614
13-22 Door Lock Mechanism – TightOperation – Modification Procedure
13-23 Hood Panel Vibration – RevisedModification Procedure
13-26 Missing Rear Seat Heaters –Installation Instructions –Service Action S661
13-27 Interior Trim/Convertible Top Cleaning –Recommended Products & Procedures
13-28 Paint Codes – 1997 MY
13-29 Revised Rear Seat Squab –Removal Procedure
13-30 Sliding Roof Mechanism – Drive Cables –Water-resistant Grease
13-33 Damaged Cupholder –Replace Mechanism Only –Repair Procedure
13-34 Sliding Roof Control Module (SRCM) –Avoiding Breakage – Removal &Installation Procedure – Not In Manual
13-35 Glass Bonding – Procedures & Materials
13-37 Detached Rear View Mirror Mounting –Repair Procedure
13-38 Rear Wheel lip Corrosion –Replace Damaged Section –Repair Procedure
13-39 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair
13-40 Installation of Child Seat Tether MountingEyes – Dimensions – USA Vehicles
13-41 Partly Detached Mountings –Front Undertray –Repair Method
13-42 Uneven Operation of Windows or SlidingRoof – Seals Contaminated by Polish –Recommendations
14-01 New Special Tool –Fascia Vent Removal Tool JD 202
14-02 Air Conditioning Pressure CutoutSwitches – Schrader Valves Added –Revised Torque Setting
14-03 Heater Water Valve – Knocking NoiseDuring Climate Control Operation –Repair Procedure
14-04 Cooling System – Fan Fuse Failure
14-05 Temporary Windshield Fogging AfterBlower Start-Up – InstallRevised Control Module
14-06 Cooling System Fan Fuse Failure – SinglePressure Switch – Service Modification
14-07 A/C Odor – Apply OdorControl Treatment
14-08 NipponDenso A/C Compressor –New PAG Oil
14-10 Climate Control System –Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart
14-12 Receiver/Drier – A/C System Servicing –Preventing Moisture Contamination
14-13am2 Poor Heater Performance –Coolant Specification Change –Replace Coolant With Heater Core
14-14 Leak Detection System –Ultraviolet Dye
15-01 New Special Tool –Front Fog Lamp Removal Tool JD 201
15-03 In-Car Entertainment –Radio Selectable Features
15-06 In-Car Entertainment System –Tweeter Specification
15-07 Security System Transmitter –Battery Replacement
15-08 Master Lighting Switch – IlluminationSpeed Control Panel – Illumination
15-10 Universal Garage Door Opener – EraseMemory Before Delivery
15-11 Garage Door Opener –Additional Instructions – Canada Only
15-12a Locate Illumination – Flickering –Replace Dimmer Module Assembly
15-13 Oil Pressure Gauge – Fluctuation or LowPressure Readings –Modification Procedure
15-14 Negative Battery Cable –Inadvertent Loosening
15-16 Fuses – Ratings/Circuits –Introduction of Changes
15-17 Fuses – Ratings/Circuits –Refer to Fusebox Label
15-18 Security System – Fault Diagnosis Guide
15-19 Revised Windshield Wiper Blade –Washer Fluid Mix – Maintenance
15-20 Inadvertent Radio Antenna Operation –Hands-free Operation –Cellular Telephone
15-21 Seat Memory Functions – Inoperative –Revised Seat Control Module
15-22 Headlights – Adapter Required ForHeadlight Aiming
15-23 Power Seat Fuses – Blow with No SystemFault – Fuse Rating Revised
15-24 Positive Start Cable –Reroute –Service Action S629
15-25 Motorola Cellular Phone Installation –Feature Changes/Installation Information
15-26 In Car Entertainment – Radio Inoperative –Transit Protection
15-27 In-Car Entertainment System –CD Button Inoperative –Data Cable Diagnostic Procedure
15-28 Electrical Connectors –Contamination
15-29 In-Car Entertainment System –Automatic Volume Control – Selecting
15-30 Various Systems – Intermittent Operation –Clean Ground Studs
15-31 Incorrect Speaker Mapping, AlternatorWhine – Premium Sound System –DIN Plug Damage
15-32 Radio –Poor AM Reception –System Information
15-33 Oil Pressure Gauge – ModificationProcedure – Unsold Vehicles –Service Action S657
15-34 Interior and Fascia Panel LightingMalfunctions – Harness ChafingBehind Radio
15-35 Damaged Wiring Harness – PossibleIntermittent Engine Misfire/No Start –Remove Harness Clip
15-36 SRS Airbag MIL Illumination – DTC 32 –Secure Connector
15-38 Intermittent No Crank -Starter Cable Loose at Bulkhead Terminal -Check Terminal Torque
15-39 Front Fog Lamp Assemblies –Accumulation Of Condensation
15-40 CD Autochanger – Transit Screws –Storage Location
15-41 Radio & CD Autochanger Compatibility –Jaguar Units Mandatory
15-42 Electrical Guides – Revisionsto 1995 and 1996 MY Editions
15-43 Poor Sound Quality –In Vehicle Entertainment –Tape Head Cleaning
15-44 Low Maintenance Battery –Recommended Practices
15-45 Poor Antenna Mast Operation –Cleaning – Replacing
15-46 SRS Airbag – Deactivation –Install Shunt
15-48 Rolling Code Garage Door Opener –Available for Retrofit –Programming Procedure
15-49 Windshield Wiper – Streaking or Juddering– Repair Policy
15-50 Front Seat Memory – Potentiometers –Adjustment/Replacement
15-51 SRS Airbag – Deactivation Switch –Installation Procedure
18-04 Security System – Rear Door False Alarm –Repair Information
18-05 Security System – Panic Alarm –Diagnostic Procedure –Service Action S635
18-06 Security System – Handset Transmitter –Manual Programming
18-07 Security System –Inclination and Intrusion SensorsNot Available
18-08 Security System –Erratic Operation or No Start With TransitIsolation Relay Fitted
18-09 Security System Transmitter –Battery Replacement
18-10 Security System – Fault Diagnosis Guide
18-12 Security System – Frequency Change –Rear Glass Antenna
19.1-01am Squeaks & Rattles – Section Contents
19.1-03 Squeaks & Rattles –Anti-Squeak Materials
19.1-04 Squeaking Interior Trim – KRYTOXâ FluidFor Trim Refinement Applications
19.5-01 Squeaks & Rattles – Airbag Door –Adjusting Clearances
19.5-02 Squeaks & Rattles – Airbag Doorand Fascia Noise – Repair Procedure
19.5-03 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise from Harness &Airbag Frame – Repair Procedure
19.5-04 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise from ConsoleVeneer & Trim – Install Anti-squeak Tape
19.6-01 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise from BulkheadBrake Line – Install Isolating Pads & Clip
19.6-02 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise from TractionControl Actuator – Install Isolating Pads
19.6-03 Squeaks & Rattles – Traction Control Cable– Check Cable Position
19.6-04 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise fromPAS Reservoir – Adjust Mounting
19.6-05 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise from Wiper Box& Harness – Install Foam Pad
19.6-07 Squeaks & Rattles – Noise From Fascia –Movement of Steering ColumnUpper Bracket
19.7-01 Powertrain 4L80-E Transmission – NoisyRear Mount – Modification Procedure
19.7-02 Front Suspension Knock – Stabilizer BarContact – Increase Clearance
19.7-03 Knocking from Front Suspension – ShockAbsorber Mounting – Repair Procedure
19.7-04 Clicking Noise From Front of Vehicle –Brake Disc Dust Shield – Install RevisedDust Shield
19.7-05 Rattle –Rear of Vehicle Underbody –Repair Procedure



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