Jaguar Extras

This page is dedicated to providing additional information.  This information is often created when people ask what where and why and it does not apply elseware on my page.  I hope this helps!
Information about MY Cars Jaguar Models with a little history and specifications on the cars.
XK8/R Production Numbers XK8/R Production Numbers from 1995-2005
Door Hinge XK8  
Door Latch XK8  
Hard Reset Proceduer Reset all to factory settings
XK8 Mirror Assembly  
XK8/R window Reset  
2000 S-Type TB Plug This is for a 3.0
Engine AJ V8 History A little history on the 4.0 AJ V8
JagV8 Fire Order V8 firing order
Engine V6 cylinder numbering V6 Firing order
Engine V8 cylinder numbering V8 Firing order
Fuel Filter 1999 XK8 R&R of a 1999 XK8 Fuel Filter
Heater Pump & Hose 1999XK8 Pump, Valve and the hose configuration that is in my 1999 XK8 for the heating system
Knock Sensor 3.0 AJV6 Location of the Knock Sensors
Knock Sensor 4.0 AJ26/27 Location of the Knock Sensors
Oxygen Sensor AJ26 & AJ27 Exhaust Gas Oxygen Content monitoring
Recommended Lubricants A little information on lubricants suggested by Jaguar
Spark Plugs Anti-Seize Compound NGK Tech Bulletin - Anti-Seize Compounds on Spark Plug Threads
XK8FuelSystem XK8 Fuel line diagram
Water Pump XK8 Water Pump Assembly for XK8
Breather Hose  
Air Filters Debunking the K&N Myth Why OEM is Better
  Drive Train & Suspension
Driveline Propshaft XK8/R Drive shaft
Halfshaft Universal joints.jpg Universal joints on the rear half shafts
A/C Condensation Drain Your A/C has a drain and it can clog often creating a water drain on the carpet in the car when you take a turn
Heater Pump XK8 Location of the heater pump on an XK8/R
Wood Restoration This is my take on how to restore the wood trim.  I will be going this soon and will update the process then.
Auxiliary Power Socket Power socket kit from Jaguar
Battery Care All Models Battery Care Manual
Current Testing Suggested procedure and additional info on testing
High Power Protection Module Location of power protection fuses
Watts up meter dc inline I have this meter and use it often
30-amp automotive fuse circuit tester Used to test and trouble shoot battery drain or load on a circuit.
20 Amp Automotive Fuse Circuit Tester Used to test and trouble shoot battery drain or load on a circuit.
Tech Information
Bus Schematic  
Multiplex Systems  
Oxygen Sensors AJ26 AJ27  
Rotary Switch 5HP24 Trans  
SRS System  



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