Jaguar XJ 2004 to Newer Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

1-224NAS Mandatory Tool - Midtronics PSC-550 Vehicle Power Supply
XJ100-01a Transportation Of XJ Vehicles –Transportation And Lashing Requirements
XJ100-02 Drive Belt Noise After Cold Start –Supercharger –Revised Drive Belt Available
XJ100-03 Buzzing/Knocking Noise After Start Or With Ignition On – Adaptive Speed Control Module – Repair Procedure
XJ100-08 New Special Tool –Driveshaft Balancer Mounting Brackets –XJ range
XJ100-09 New Special Tools –Tail Lamp Adhesive Kit For XJ range
XJ100-10 New Special Tool –Steering Rack Pinion Seal Replacer
XJ100-11 Vibration/Shimmy –Tire Radial Force Variation –Optimizing Wheels And Tires
XJ100-12 Transit Relay Removal –Change In Procedure
1-186 Using WDS To Program/Configure Control Modules – Common Issues/Solutions –VID Block – Background Information
XJ204-01 Diagnosing/Servicing Air Suspension –Gotec Leak Detection Spray –Specified Hose Cutters
XJ204-02 Permanent ‘High Spot’ Marking On Tire Inboard Sidewall –Information
XJ204-03 Shock Absorbers –Revised Warranty Replacement Policy
XJ204-04 Corrosion Prevention – Wheels & Hubs –Grease Contact Surfaces
XJ204-05 Front Air Suspension .Deletion Of Right Side Sensor .Change Of Vehicle Specification
XJ204-06 Air Suspension System –Diagnostics
XJ204-07 Vibration Felt Through Steering Wheel or Seats – Wheels/Tires –Diagnostic Procedure
XJ204-08NASF Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Concern Diagnosis
XJ204-S516 Spare Tire Speed Restriction Label –Lack of Adhesion –Service Action S516
XJ205-01 Driveshaft Vibration/Drone Noise –Revised WDS Balancing Procedure
XJ206-01 Vibration When Braking (Comeback Visits) – Brembo Brakes –Disc/Hub Optimization Procedure
XJ206-02 Electronic Park Brake (EPB) –Re-Calibration Procedure
XJ206-03 Brake Caliper Flexible Hose –Washer Now Available Separately
XJ206-04 Creak Under Light Braking –Front Brake Caliper Pad Interface –Grease Anchor Bracket
XJ206-05 Brake Disc Replacement –Vehicles With Less Than 1,000 Miles –Warranty Policy Change
XJ206-07 Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Actuator –DTCs C1784, C1785, C1786, C1799, C1801,C1802, C1803 – Diagnostics
XJ206-08 Vibration When Braking –Brembo Brakes Disc Thickness Variation –Diagnosis/Repair
XJ206-09 Rear Brake Caliper Fluid Weep
XJ211-002NASF Power Steering Reservoir Replacement
XJ211-003NASF Steering Wheel Alignment
XJ211-01 Squeaking Noise .Power Steering System .Flush System
XJ211-01a Squeaking Noise –Power Steering System –Repair Procedure
XJ303-014NASF 'Check Engine' MIL 'ON' – DTC P050B Stored
XJ303-02a MIL On –DTC P0128 Stored –Repair Procedure
XJ303-04 Engine Pinging/Detonation –Check Long And Short Term Fuel Trim –Reprogram ECM
XJ303-04a Engine Pinging/Detonation –Check Long And Short Term Fuel Trim –Reprogram ECM
XJ303-05 Rough Idle/Hesitation –Contaminated Fuel Injectors –Cleaning Procedure
XJ303-06 Cooling System –Draining, Filling and Bleeding –SRO Time Revision
XJ303-07 Rough Idle After Cold Start –Reconfigure ECM
XJ303-08 Rough Idle/Restricted Performance/DTCsP0174, P0171, P0301 to P0308, P1316 andP1582 – Loose Air Cleaner Pipe
XJ303-09 Engine Detonation/Pinging During Acceleration From Steady-State Driving –Reconfigure ECM
XJ303-13a Diagnostic Trouble CodesP050B-85, P0131 Or P0151 –Oxygen Sensor Calibration – Repair
XJ303-S511 Oil Leak From Engine Oil Drain Plug .V8 Engine .Service Action S511
XJ303-S712 Coolant Hose –Incorrect Routing –Service Action S 712
XJ303-S713 Coolant Reservoir Bleed Screw –Retorque To 3 Nm –Service Action S 713
XJ303-S717 Oil Cooler Pipe Interference With Cross Brace .Service Action S717
JTB00070 Transmission Noise During Gear Shifts – Repair Procedure
XJ307-01 MIL Illumination –DTC P0741 –Replace Torque Converter
XJ307-02a Driveline Clunk/Knock When Downshifting –ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission –Repair Procedure
XJ307-05 Squeal/Squeak Noise During Acceleration –Flush And Replace ZF Transmission Fluid –Repair Procedure
XJ307-05 Squeal/Squeak Noise During Acceleration –Flush And Replace ZF Transmission Fluid –Repair Procedure
XJ307-06 Harsh Transmission Shifts –Adaptive Shift Strategy Drift –Reprogram TCM & ECM
XJ307-07 Remove/Install Automatic Transmission –New Workshop Procedure –Revised Labor Times
XJ307-08 Inability to Shift Gears –Selector Lever Moves Freely Through J-Gate– Repair Procedure
XJ307-R513 Incorrect Gear Selection –ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmission –Recall Action R513
XJ307-R525 ZF 6-Speed Transmission Incorrectly Manufactured –RECALL ACTION R525
JAGA309-001 Removal of Seized Oxygen Sensors
R726 RECALL: Fuel Tank Replacement
XJ310-01a Erratic Fuel Gauge Reading –Fuel Tank Sender –Repair Procedure
XJ310-03 Fuel Level Sender –Available Separately From Pump –Replacement Procedure
XJ310-04 Fuel Filler Flap Will Not Open/Close –Release Spring Out Of Position –Install Modified Release Cable
XJ412-01 Air Conditioning (A/C) System –Flushing –Revised Procedure
413-02 Control Modules – PECUS Display Messages
JTB00014 Additional Diagnostics for Instrument Cluster
XJ413-01 Front Parking Aid Operating With No Obstruction Present . Operating Characteristics . Revised Sensor
XJ413-02 Multiple Warnings On Instrument Cluster –Poor Pin Connections –Check & Repair Pins
XJ413-02a Multiple Warnings On Instrument Cluster –Poor Pin Connections –Check & Repair Pins
S724 SERVICE ACTION S724: Constant Battery Drain
XJ415-01 Loss Of Audio/Incorrect Speaker Operation –Water Damage To Amplifier/Audio Components – Apply Sealer
XJ415-02 Revised Audio/Video Selector –Modifications Required During Replacement
XJ417-01 Headlamp Internal Condensation –Acceptable Levels –Repair Guidelines
XJ417-02 Bezel Detached From Tail Lamp Assembly –Adhesive Repair Procedure
XJ419-01 Telematics Issues –Check For Latest Software –Update Procedure
XJ419-02a Telephone Inoperative .Incorrect Telematics Harness .Check/Repair Procedure
XJ419-03 Navigation System –Diagnostic Procedures
XJ419-04 Battery Discharged After Vehicle Left Standing – Check Module Reset Count –Diagnosis/Repair Procedure
XJ419-04a Battery Discharged After Vehicle Left Standing – Check Module Reset Count –Diagnosis/Repair Procedure
XJ419-05 Complete Voice Range Not Transmitted From Phone – Capacitor Characteristics– Replace Voice Module
XJ419-S524a Navigation Control Module (NCM) Drop Out –Reprogram NCM –Service Action S524
JAGA501-001 Windshield Damage Diagnostic Aid
JTB00062 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Flash Code and PID Code Definitions – Diagnostic Aid
S527 SERVICE ACTION: Key Fob Modification
XJ501-01 Head Restraint Equipped With Rear Entertainment Screen –Removal Procedure
XJ501-02 Luggage Compartment Lid Freezing To Flip Seal – Low Ambient Temperatures –Apply Silicone Lubricant Spray
XJ501-023 Exterior Paint Issues Reporting Aid
XJ501-025 'Click' from Front Seat Rear Rise/Fall
XJ501-03 Vertical Seam Separation –Center Console Side Panel Trim –Repair Procedure
XJ501-04 Intermittent Sticking Of Switches–Upper Center Console –Repair
XJ501-05 Loss of Seat Memory –Reprogram DSM or RMM/Recalibrate Seat –Repair Procedure
XJ501-05a Loss of Seat Memory –Reprogram DSM or RMM/Recalibrate Seat –Repair Procedure
XJ501-07 Entry Of Water Into Vehicle –Possible Sources
XJ501-07a Entry Of Water Into Vehicle –Possible Sources
XJ501-08 Floor Console Trim Separating .Not Adhering .Repair
XJ501-09 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) –Flash Codes & PID Code Definitions –Diagnostics
XJ501-09a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) –Flash Codes & PID Code Definitions –Diagnostics
XJ501-10 Glove Compartment Lid Difficult To Close Not Latching/Not Staying Closed –Adjustment Procedure
XJ501-11 Front Seat Backrest Rear Cover –Removal and Installation –Correct Procedure On GTR
XJ501-13 Water Ingress Around Roof Opening Panel –Restricted Drain Tubes –Check/Reposition Drain Tubes
XJ501-13a Water Ingress Around Roof Opening Panel –Restricted Drain Tubes –Check/Reposition Drain Tubes
XJ501-14 Unoccupied Front Passenger Seat Noise –Recliner Mechanism Missing Anti-Rattle Clip –Repair Procedure
XJ501-16 Electrical Seat Judder, Noisy/Inoperative –Lubrication/Motor –Repair Procedures
XJ501-17 Windshield Wiper Performance Issues –KATS Contamination/Debris/Rubber Deterioration – Recommendations
XJ501-18 A-Pillar or C-Pillar –Cosmetic Paint Blemish –Repair Care Points
XJ501-19 Exterior Door Handle Stiff/Binding –Latch/Door Handle Mechanism –Lubricate Mechanism
XJ501-20 Key Transmitters –Manual Programming –New Procedure
XJ501-21 Door Check Arm Noisy When Opening/Closing Door – Fasteners Loose –Repair Procedure
XJ501-22 Broken Center Console Lid Handle –XJ With 4-Zone Climate Control Only –Replace Latch
XJ501-R719 Passenger Air Bag Door .Trim Rough Edges Of Opening .Recall R719


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