Jaguar X-Type Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

S527 Key Fob Modification
1-224NAS Mandatory Tool - Midtronics PSC-550 Vehicle Power Supply
XT100-03 “Boom” at 2900 RPM –Rear Differential –Install Weight Under Differential
XT100-08a Driveshaft Vibration –Diagnostic Method –Repair
XT100-09 Driveline Whine –Preliminary Checks
XT100-11 Driveline Noise – Sound Transfer From Transmission And Driveline –Install Sound Deadening Liner
1-186 Using WDS To Program/Configure Control Modules – Common Issues/Solutions –VID Block – Background Information
3-158 Wood Veneer Repair Program
XT204-01 Rear Suspension Creak –Spring Interfering With Body Cone –Replace Spring and Isolator
XT204-02a Vibration/Shimmy –Tire Radial Force Variation –Optimizing Wheels And Tires
XT204-03 Wheel Alignment –Change Of Toe Specification
XT204-04 Permanent ‘High Spot’ Marking On Tire Inboard Sidewall –Information
XT204-05 Shock Absorbers –Revised Warranty Replacement Policy
XT204-06 Corrosion Prevention –Wheels & Hubs –Grease Contact Surfaces
XT204-07 Vehicle Drifts Left Or Right With Brakes Released –Diagnosis
XT204-08a Creaking Noise When Braking Over Speed Bumps . Front Control Arm Hydrobush .Replace Control Arm
XT204-09 Front Control Arm Removal/Installation .Revised Workshop Procedure .Not On JTIS
XT204-10 Creak From Rear Stabilizer Bar –Stabilizer Bar Bushing Movement –Repair Procedure
XT204-11 Front Shock Absorber –Remove/Install –Revised Procedure & SRO Time
XT204-12 Rear Suspension –Remove/install Front Lower Control Arm –New Workshop Procedure
XT204-S516 Spare Tire Speed Restriction Label –Lack of Adhesion –Service Action S516
XT205-01 Whine on Deceleration at 112 Km/h (70 MPH)– Rear Differential –Add Weight to Differential Bracket
XT205-S930 Front Axle Shafts –Check Retention In CV Joint –Service Action S930
XT206-01 Malfunctioning Brake Vacuum Pump –Remove Pump –Procedure
XT206-03 Excessive Travel Of Parking Brake Lever –Internal Clutch Mechanism Wear –Modification Procedure
XT206-04 Noise Or Odor From Rear Brakes –Rear Pads Pads Sticking In Anchor Plate –Repair Procedure
XT206-05 Brake Booster Performance –Check Valve Deterioration –Inspect & Repair
XT206-06 Pedal Box Rattle/Squeak –Loose/Broken Rivets –Repair Procedure
XT206-07 Creak/Chirp Noise From Rear Of Vehicle On Rough/Uneven Surfaces –Parking Brake Cables – Repair Procedure
XT206-08 Parking Brake Cable Adjustment –Revised Specification
XT206-R957 Parking Brake Lever Replacement –Manual Transmission Vehicles Only –RECALL R957
JTB00055 Power Steering System Squeaking Noise Repair Procedure
XT211-01 Squeaking Noise –Power Steering System –Flush System
XT211-01a Squeaking Noise .Power Steering System .Flush System
XT211-01a2 Squeaking Noise –Power Steering System –Purge/Flush System
XT211-05 Remove/Install the Power Steering Rack –New Workshop Procedure –Revised SRO Time
XT303-01 DTC P1582 Stored –Flight Recorder Data –Clarification
XT303-02 Engine Misfire/MIL Illumination –Engine Harness Chafing –Repair Procedure
XT303-03 Evaporative System –Diagnostic Flow Charts
XT303-04 Hard Starting/Poor Idle/Restricted Performance – Engine Management Diagnosis – Flowcharts
XT303-05 Misfire/Hesitation When Cold –Possible MIL Illumination –Reprogram ECM
XT303-06 Drivability Issues/MIL Illuminated –Chafed Wires at A/C Pressure Switch –Repair Procedure
XT303-09 False Flagging Of DTC P0456 –No Evaporative Leak Present –Repair Procedure
XT303-11 Check Engine MIL/DTC P0341 And P1341 –V6 Engine –Repair Procedure
XT303-13 Hissing Noise/Drivability Issues –DTC P0171/P0174 – Leaking IMT O-ring –IMT O-ring Available Separately
XT303-17 Rough Idle/Hesitation –Contaminated Fuel Injectors –Cleaning Procedure
XT303-18 Engine Oil Leak Misdiagnosis –Vehicles With Automatic Transmission –Guidelines
XT303-21 Electronic Throttle Body –Cleaning Prohibited
XT303-22 Cooling Fan Module –Remove/Install –Revised Procedure & SRO Time
XT303-S928a Crankcase Breather Valve –Revised Specification Valve –Service Action S928
XT303-S932 Overheating – Cooling Fans Inoperative –Replace Module Prior To Retailing –Service Action S932
XT303-S937 Enhancements To Vehicle Operation –Reprogram ECM/TCM –Service Action S937
XT303-S939 Thermostat Housing Hose –Install Additional Hose Clamp –Service Action S939
XT303-S953 Driveline Shudder/Hesitation - 30 - 50 MPH –Automatic Transmission Vehicles –Reprogram ECM – Service Action S953
XT307-01a Difficulty Selecting Transmission Ranges –GEARBOX FAULT Message –Reset J-Gate
XT307-03 Scraping Noise .1600 RPM, 1800 - 2500 RPM .Install Modified Flexplate
XT307-S926a Degradation Of Shift Quality –Reprogram TCM –Service Action S926
XT307-S941 JATCO JF506E Transmission Replacement –Reverse Clutch Piston Durability –Service Action S941
XT308-01 Oil Leakage –Rear Output Flange Of Transfer Case –Repair Procedure
XT308-02 Clutch Pedal Sticking Down –Install Additional Spring –Repair
XT308-03 Damage To Clutch Slave Cylinder During Installation –Revised Procedure
XT308-04 Transmission Whine –Sound Transmitted By Shift Cables –Revised Shift Cables Available
XT308-05 Manual Transaxle Selector Mechanism Remove/Install –New Procedure
XT308-06 Difficult/High Effort Engagement Into First Or Reverse – Clutch Disc Sticking –Regrease Input Splines
XT310-01 Vehicle Out Of Fuel –Range Indicated On Message Center –Modify Transfer Pipe
XT310-01a Vehicle Out Of Fuel .Range Indicated On Message Center .Modify Transfer Pipe
XT310-02a Fuel System – Drivability/Starting Issues –Customer Complaints –Diagnostic Procedures
XT310-03 Fuel Tank Removal/Installation –Revised Procedure
XT310-05a Fuel Gauge Failure or Intermittent Operation –Fuel Level Sender Available Separately –Replacement Procedure
XT310-S933 Replacement Fuel Tanks –Long Term Durability –Service Action S933
XT310-S936 Throttle Pedal Stop –Larger Diameter –Service Action S936
XT310-S947 Inspection of Fuel Tank Harness –Possible Connector Damage –Service Action S947
JTB00183 Air Conditioning System Not Cooling Sufficiently
XT412-01 [PDF] Rattling Defroster Vents .New Vent Plug .Repair Procedure
XT412-02 Vehicle Fogging/Climate Control Slow To Cool Vehicle . Air Blend Door Loose .Repair Procedure
XT412-S931a A/C System Inoperative –Reprogram ECM –Service Action S931
413-02 Control Modules – PECUS Display Messages
JTB00014 Additional Diagnostics for Instrument Cluster
XT413-R935 Turn Signal Indicator –Replace GECM –RECALL R935
XT415-01 Popping Noise When Brake Pedal Applied –Install Capacitor –Repair Procedure
XT417-02 Condensation In Headlamps –Revised Headlamp Cap Available –Repair Procedure
FAQ FAQ 23501 - X-Type Headlight Connectors
Headlamp 1 Headlamp 1 wiring
Headlamp 2 Headlamp2 wiring
XT418-S918 Fuse Rating Change From 30 to 15 Amp –Ignition Supply –Service Action S918
XT418-S921 Internal Connection Issue –Replace 20 Amp Micro Relay –Service Action S921
XT419-01 Aftermarket Rear Window Tint –Interference With Reception of GPS Signal
XT419-02 Passive Anti -Theft System (PATS) –Diagnostic Flowcharts
XT419-03a “No Phone” / “No Phone Fitted” Message Displayed – Revised PSE Module –Repair Procedure
XT419-05 Telematics Concerns –Navigation System Software –Installing Latest Level
XT419-06 Poor Sound Quality For Incoming Caller –“Running Water” Sound –Install New Telephone Microphone
XT419-07 Telematics Issues –Check For Latest Software –Update Procedure
XT419-09 Navigation System –Diagnostic Procedures
XT419-S920a General Electronic Control Module (GECM) –Replace –Service Action S 920
XT501-01 Wind Noise From Doors –Modify Door Seals –Modification Procedure
XT501-02 Squeaks & Rattles From Doors –Install Modification Kit –Modification Procedure
XT501-03 Front Seat Rocking –Seat Track Stabilizing Kit –Installation Procedure
XT501-04a Difficulty Closing Luggage Compartment Lid –Revised Latch Mechanism –Modification Procedure
XT501-05a Sliding Roof Does Not Close Properly/Bounces Open – Loss Of Calibration –Replace Sliding Roof Motor
XT501-06 Water Leaks In Luggage Compartment –Vehicle Parked Facing Downhill –Repair Procedure
XT501-07 Locking or Unlatching Issues –Diagnostic Information
XT501-08 Passenger Footwell Water Leakage –Leakage At Pollen Filter Housing –Install Water Shield
XT501-08a Passenger Footwell Water Leakage –Leakage At Pollen Filter Housing –Install Water Shield
XT501-09 Loss Of Headlamp Washer Jet Cover –Poor Retention –Install Pre-painted Covers/Revised Link
XT501-10 Remote Transmitter Not Functioning –Internal Chip Fault –Replace Transmitter
XT501-10a Remote Transmitter Not Functioning –Internal Chip Fault –Replace Transmitter
XT501-11 Rear Power Windows Inoperative From Rear Doors . Switch pack Isolator Inoperative .Install Modified Window Control Switch
XT501-12 Door Difficult To Close .Blocked Seal Evacuation Holes .Repair Procedure
XT501-13 Installation Of Latch For Liftgate Glass –Lubricate Replacement Latches –Lubrication Method
XT501-14 Washer Fluid Leakage At Front Fender –Leak At Elbows –Repair Procedure
XT501-15 Liftgate Glass Hard to Close/Rear Wiper Inoperative –Check/Adjustment Procedure
XT501-16 Creak/Squeak When Opening Liftgate Or Glass – Lubricate Clevis Pins –Repair Procedure
XT501-17 Inability To Open/Close Luggage Compartment Lid – Actuator Binding –Revised Actuator Available
XT501-18 Water Leaks In Rear Of Wagon Vehicles –Possible Causes Of Water Entry –Repair Techniques
XT501-19 Sun Visor Mirror Bulb –Now Available Separately –Replacement Procedure
XT501-20 Luggage Compartment Lid Not Opening Correctly – Spring Actuators –Install Revised Parts
XT501-21 Premature Front Seat Backrest Wear On Classic Style Seats – Outer Bolster Support Wire – Modification Procedure
XT501-22 Unable to Lock the Vehicle Using Key Fob Transmitter – Switch Flap Not Fully Closed –Replace Ignition Lock Cylinder
XT501-23 Remote Transmitter Programming –Alternate Method Without WDS –Procedure
XT501-24 Interior Rear View Mirror (Auto-Dimming) –Loose Retaining Springs –Repair Procedure
XT501-25 Exterior Door Handle –Noisy When Released –Install New Rubber Buffers
XT501-26 Tonneau Cover Support Bar –Locating Pegs Loose/Sheared –Repair Procedure
XT501-27 Power Seats –Loss of Function –Seat Motors Available Separately
XT501-28 Exterior Front Door Handle Hard to Open –Deflection Of Link Rod –Replace Link Rod
XT501-30 Windshield Wiper Performance Issues –KATS Contamination/Debris/Rubber Deterioration – Recommendations
XT501-31 Trim Loose/Adrift –Rear Quarter Window Glass –Repair Procedure
XT501-32 Passenger Seat Heater Intermittent Fault –Revised Software Level –Replace Seat Heater Control Switch
XT501-33 Noisy Front Seat Motor –Front Seat Track Motor Misaligned –Repair Procedure
XT501-S934 Change In Specification –Reprogram RCM –Service Action S934
XT501-S940 Headlamp Washer Jet Cover Pivot Link –Change Of Specification –Service Action S940
XT501-S948 Front Seat Stabilization Kit .Change Of Specification .Service Action S948
XT501-S951 Memory Seats – Front Seat Harness Interference With Adjuster Mechanism –Service Action S951
XT501-S952a Liftgate Spoiler Contacting Roof –High Ambient Temperatures –Canadian Vehicles – Service Action S952
X-Type Enhancements Enhancements
X-Type Headlamp  
X-Type Headlamp1  
X-type Headlamp2  


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