Jaguar XK8 XJR 1997-2006 Electrical & OBDII Codes

Auxiliary Power Socket Option
Jaguar XK 1997
Jaguar XK 1998
Jaguar XK 1999
Jaguar XK 2000
Jaguar XK 2001
Jaguar XK 2002
Jaguar XK 2003
DTC XK8/R, XJ8/R, S-Type & XJS B, P, C & U
5HP24 Transmission Control Sys 1997-99
5HP24 Transmission Control Sys 1998
5HP24 Transmission Control Sys 1999
ABS-TC Sys xk8 1999
ABS-TC Sys xk8 1999.2

Chassis 2003

Climate Control System 1999
Climate control system 1999.2
Engine Management 1998
Engine Management 1997 - 1999
Engine Management AJ27 1999
Engine Management AJ27 ECM 2000
Engine Management AJ27 2001on
Engine Management AJ27 2003
Nippon Denso Climate Control Sys1999

Network DTC 2003

SRS System 1997
SRS System 1999
W5A-580 Transmission Control Sys 1998
02 Sensor Information Sheet
A little on the history of the making of the XK8
History of the making of the XK8
Training Guides
Jaguar Training Guides
Workshop Manual for XK8 2003 - 2006
XK8 Technical Guide
AJ-V8 & 5HP24 Transmission
Jaguar 1997 XK
Jaguar 2000 XK Update
Jaguar 2001 XK Update
Jaguar 2003 XK Update
Jaguar XK 2005 Update
Jaguar Spec Books
Vehicle Spec book 1997 - 2003
Vehicle Spec Book 2004 - 2007
Vehicle Spec Book 2009
Jaguar XK8/R Model Info
Vehicle Updates
XK8 1999 Update
XK8 2001 Update
AJ V8 5 HP 24 Trans
XK Vehicle Maintenance
XK Vehicle Maintenance 1999 - 2000
XK Vehicle Maintenance 2001
XK Vehicle Maintenance 2003
XK Service Training Guide 2003
Jaguar XK8/R Parts List
XK8/R Parts Page 1 - 10
XK8/R Parts Page 11 - 23
XK8/R Parts Illustration #1
XK8/R Parts Illustration #2
XK8/R Parts Illustration #3



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