Jaguar XJ Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

1-224NAS Mandatory Tool - Midtronics PSC-550 Vehicle Power Supply
3-158 Wood Veneer Repair Program
05-1-24 Mill Illumination - DTC P0441 Service Action S675
05-1-27A Insufficient Air Flow - Air Pump (AIRP) - Diagnosis
05.1-30 Replacement Air Injection Pump - Upgrade Fuse Rating
05.1-35 Spark Plug “Blow-by Stain”/Corona Stain –Spark Plug Function Not Affected –Replacement Unnecessary
08-1-01 Transmission Control Module - DTC P1777 - Updated Module
1-186 Using WDS To Program/Configure Control Modules – Common Issues/Solutions –VID Block – Background Information
13-33 Damaged Cup Holder –Replace Mechanism Only –Repair Procedure
13-39 Sliding roof - Diagnosis & Repair
18-06 Security System - Handset Transmitter - Manual Programming
18-09 Security System Transmitter - Battery Replacement
18-10 Security System - Fault Diagnosis Guide
18-12 Security System - Frequency Change - Rear Glass antenna
76-123 Damaged Cup Holder .Replace Mechanism Only .Repair Procedure
100-16 Introduction of Extended Life Coolant (XLC) –Identification – Usage
100-17 Engine Oil Capacity - Increased Level - New Dipstick
100-21 Engine Vibration/Noise Above 1000 RPM –Oil Pump Resonance –Install Revised Oil Pump
100-22 2003 MY XK Range Product Update –Vehicle Specification Changes and Feature Enhancements
204-02 Front Wheel Hub – Accumulation of Excess Grease – Grease Deflector Ring
204-04 Special Tool 204-225 –Front Suspension Subframe Rear Bushing –Removal & Installation
204-05 Monostrut Bushing Replacement Tool –Special Tool 204-201
204-10 Rear Suspension Hub Carrier Fulcrum Bolts –Revised Specification –Replace – Service Action S468
204-12 New Splitter Tool – Lower Ball Joint
204-15 Vibration Felt Through Steering Wheel or Seats – Wheels/Tires –Diagnostic Procedure
204-16 Replacement Stabilizer Bar Bushings –Lubricate Before Installing
204-17a Vibration/Shimmy –Tire Radial Force Variation –Optimizing Wheels And Tires
204-19 Shock Absorbers –Revised Warranty Replacement Policy
204-S499a Lower Wishbone Front Bushing –Change Of Specification –Service Action S499
205-03 Oil Leak – Pinion Oil Seal – Replace Pinion Drive Flange/Oil Seal Assembly –Procedure Not In Workshop Manual
205-04 Differential Pinion Oil Seal –Correct Special Tools
206-04 Brake Disc Vibration –Diagnosis –General Information
206-06 New Special Tool 206-066A – ABS Rotor Nut Socket (Version 2)
206-07a Selector Level Difficult Shifting From Park - Brake Lamps Remain Lit - Failsafe Message - Revised Brake Pedal And Switch
206-09 Brake Calipers –Separate Serviceable Parts –Repair Policy
211-03 PAS System – Pressure Testing
211-04 Steering Column Cassette –Replacement Procedure
211-05 Noisy Servotronic II Steering Racks –Revised Restrictors/Transfer Pipes –Replacement Kits
211-06 Steering Rack Knocking Or Rattling –Revised Lower Steering Column/Rack Return Line – Repair Procedure
303-01 Drivability Concerns After Repair –Resetting ECM Adaptation
303-04 Fuel Injector Vehicles Without: Supercharger 18.10.01
303-05 Crankshaft Damper – Loose –Repair Procedure
303-06 Part Load Breather Line – Proper Routing
303-07a EGR System – Deleted on North American Specification (NAS) XK8 Vehicles
303-09 Coolant Specification Change –Coolant D542 (Yellow)
303-11a Poor Heater Performance –Coolant Specification Change –Repair Procedure
303-12 Elevated Idle Speed –Cold Start & Warm-up –Base Idle Specifications
303-13 Engine Block Heater – Install Power Cord –Service Action S686 –Canadian Market Vehicles Only
303-14 Low Coolant Level –Warning Lamp Illuminated
303-17 Special Tool 303-623 –Release Tool for Quick-fit Connectors
303-29 Idle Quality - Spark Plugs - Revised Gaps
303-44 Spark Plug "Blow-by Stain" / Corona Stain - Spark Plug Function Not Affected - Replacement Unnecessary
303-48 Coolant Leakage - Heater Hoses - Repair Procedure
303-55 Hard Start / Non Start Condition - AJ26 Engines - Diagnostic Flowcharts
303-58 Check engine MIL-DTC P0121 Flagged - Connector Material Mismatch - AJ27 Engines - Modify Harness
303-60 Coolant Pumps - Identify Impeller Material - Pump Replacement Guidelines
303-S498 "Engine Failsafe" Displayed - Replace Throttle Body - Normally Aspirated Vehicles Only - Service Action S498
303-S514 Operation of Throttle while in Closed Position - Service Action S514
303-532 Primary Timing Chain LH Page 1
307-03 Replacing Valve Body – ZF 5HP 24 E –Replacement Procedure –Not In Workshop Manual
307-06 W5A580 Transmission - Monitoring Transmission Oil Temperature in D or R During Diagnosis
307-11 ZF 5HP24 – Replace Transmission –Recall R478
307-R513 Incorrect Gear Selection .ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmission .Recall Action R513
307-14 Shift Quality Issues/Harsh Engagement With Engine Cold – ZF 5HP26 –Install New Transmission Control Module
310-06a All Drivability Issues/Engine Non-start –Carbon Deposits on Throttle Blade –Cleaning Procedure – AJ26 Engines
310-10 Difficulty Filling Fuel Tank - Fuel Gauge Not Indicating Full - Spit Back / Premature Shut Off - Diagnosis
310-S509 Fuel Filler Cap Difficult To Install/Check Engine MIL On – Revised Fuel FillerCap – Service Action S509
413-02 Control Modules - PECUS Display Messages
413-03 Intermittent Illumination of Instruments/False Warning Messages - Harness Connector Latch
413-S484 Instrument Pack Assembly - CAN Failure - Service Action S484
414-06A Intermittently Discharged Battery –Diagnostic Procedure
415-06 In-Car Entertainment - Radio Selectable Features
418-03 Control Modules - Compatibility - Interchanging Between Vehicles
419-05r Garage Door Opener –Programming Procedure
501-06 Damaged Cup Holder Mechanism –Replace Mechanism Only –Repair Procedure
501-35 Front Seat Memory – Potentiometers –Adjustment/Replacement
501-42 Poor Seat Heating - Install Later Specification Seat Heater Pads - Installation Procedure
501-51 Memory Systems - Driver's Seat, Steering Column, Door Mirrors - Diagnostics
600-03 Engine Breather Scheduled Cleaning
910-04 Squeak or Groan From Bulkhead Area - Check Mounting of False Bulkhead - Repair Procedure
910-10 Squeaks & Rattles - Diagnostics - Repair Methods
JTB00040NAS2 Version 2 of this bulletin replaces previously published bulletins JTB00040 V1 & JTB00030
S514 Throttle Closed Position Operation


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