Body, Engine, Drive Train, Interior Repairs - Jaguar XK8 & XKR 1997 - 2006


Antenna Mast Replacement This is a generic procedure that will work
Convertible Roof Conditioning Application & conditioner for convertible roof
Door Latch Repair XK8 Test and repair of door latch mechanism
Fuse, Relay Locations and Roadside Info Fuse and relay locations and size and roadside info
Hydraulic Fluid Spec sheet for Hydraulic Fluid with additional information
Radio Antenna Repair Antenna repair and motor repair
Remote for XK8 Battery replacement and cleaning for intermittent operation
Remote for XK8 Programming How to reprogram a new remote
Roof Troubleshooting 101 Roof operation troubleshooting 101
Roof Hydraulic System Evaluation My findings on the Hydraulic system failures
Roof Hydraulic Pump Fluid Refill How to fill and refill the roof pump
Roof Hydraulic Hose Replacement Procedure to remove and replace the hydraulic roof hose.
Roof Hydraulic Hose Connections Connections for proper operation
Roof Hydraulic Manual Operation To manually open and close roof and close quarter windows when roof operation fails
Roof Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve System and Install Info This valve install will reduce the system pressure from 1600 to 1000+/-  LSI Valve Install Info
Roof Operational Test Box Test box used to check the operation of the XK8 roof operation.
Roof Ram & Latch Rebuild

Alternative to the high cost of replacing the rams & Latch

Headlamp and Marker Light Headlamp adjustment and replacement along with the marker bulb replacement
Hydraulic Ram/Lift R&R How to remove and replace the lift rams
Roof Hydraulic Voltage Reduction Sys for XK8 / R Review This test was performed to bring to the forefront the results of the VRS system
Roof Latch Repair For roof latch adjustment and repair
Roof Replacement Hose (Non Jaguar) This hose was developed to withstand any pressure the hydraulic system has to offer
Trunk Access This in the event that your battery goes dead
Emergency Boot Access A modification to give access to the boot.


Air Intake Hose Repair Make repairs to eliminate air leaks giving false indication to the TB & MAFS
Alternator Replacement 1999 XK8 Alternator Replacement
Belt Tensioner XK8 Belt Tensioner
Breather Stub Cleaning Location of the stub and how to clean
Coolant Tank Level Indication Coolant tank level indicator testing
Engine Cleaning Just that Cleaning your engine
Engine Mount Replacement Procedure to R&R the left hand engine shock mount
Engine No Start Process Procedure to troubleshoot a No Start situation
Engine Repair Course Code 168 AJ V8 & AJ V6 Engine Development, Engine Repair, Block Assembly, Engine Overview
Failsafe Caused by Brake Switch FailSafe condition caused by the Brake Switch
Fuel Injector R&R Removal and reinstall of fuel injectors
Fuel Pump Power Checks 99 XK8 A way to check for proper voltage to fuel pump
Fuel Pump & Filter Photos of my fuel pump and filter after replaced
Fuel Pump Replacement Procedure for replacement from Charles Bennett
Fuel Pressure How to check fuel pressure
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replacement Testing & Replacement procedure for the fuel sending unit
Fuel Trims Information and check procedure
Grounding Test Grounding Testing
Heater Pump The pump location along with the coolant purge valve location
Heater Pump Repair Aux heater pump located under the hood
Heater Pump Location Pump Location
Heater Pump & Valve Repair Heater pump and valve R&R
Hard Reset Procedure Reset all to factory settings
Intake manifold R&R Removing & installing intake manifold
MAFS Cleaning How to clean the MAFS
MAFS Readings Testing of the MAFS
Nikasil No Start Starting procedure related to Nikasil cylinder washing resulting in no start
Nikasil Information on Nikasil and how to identify if you have a Nikasil engine block.
Nikasil and Sulfur Sulfur in fuel and the affects it has on Nikasil and what can be done to prevent cylinder washing
OBDII & PID & 02 Sensor Information Sheet This document is intended to help in the understanding of OBDII parameters, known as 'PID's, and give them definition.
Oil Level Test When to test for proper oil level
P0171 & P0174 Code Trouble shooting procedure
P0300 To P0308 Code Trouble shooting procedure
Plug Replacement Tips on replacing plugs
Poor Idle This repair is still in progress
Restricted Performance My first experience with restricted performance
Purge Valve Replacement Replacement of Purge Valve
Solar Battery Charger Continuous Solar Battery Charger
Thermostat Housing Replacement of the Thermostat Housing XK8
Throttle Body Cleaning Cleaning the TB without removing the intake pipe.  It also provides a little cleaning to the intake manifold, valves and injectors.
Throttle Body Plugs OBD P0121 & Procedure to clean TB plugs
Throttle Body R&R Throttle Body R&R after P1121 code
Throttle Body Rebuild for 1997xk8 Repair and testing 97xk8 Throttle Body
Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement Tensioner replacement procedures
Vacuum Leak Cracked Intake manifold & improper vacuum line
Valve Cover Gasket & Tensioner To replace valve cover gasket and inspect tensioner
Water Pump & Crossover Water Pump & Crossover Pipe R&R
  Aux heater pump located under the hood

Drive Train & Suspension

ABS Check List and Repair ABS Module repair and testing
ABS Module Removal ABS Module removal for repair
Aluminum Wheel Repair How to remove the oxidation on the rims that cause frequent low pressure.
Brake Switch Replacement How to Replace Brake Switch
Differential Oil Change Oil change in the rear differential
Driveline Propshaft XK8/R Drive shaft
Halfshaft Universal joints.jpg Universal joints on the rear half shafts
Universal Joints XK8 Grease fittings on the universal joints
Universal Joint Lubrication XK8 Shows the locations to lubricate
Stabilizer Bushings The replacement of the front stabilizer bushings
Jaguar On Board Diagnostics ZF6HP26 Transmission ZF6HP26 Diagnostics
List of ZF Applications A list of all the ZF transmissions and the vehicles they are in
Home Page for ZF Transmissions The home page for ZF
Transmission ZF5hp24 A&B Drum Failure P0122
Transmission ZF5HP24 Trouble Shifter cable adjustment, fluid change, valvebody change & transmission change.
Transmission ZF5 HP24 Repair Manual  
Transmission ZF5 HP24 Parts Manual  
Transmission ZF6 HP26 - 28 Catalog  
Transmission Electric Automatic Control  
Transmission Oil Reference Guide  
Transmission Oils  
Transmission TSB 307-03 Valve Body  
Transmission Jaguar & BMW Clutch Drum Failure
Transmission ZF5HP20 Parts Catalog
Transmission ZF5HP24-2 Parts Assembly
Transmission ZF5HP24-3 Parts Assembly
Transmission ZF5HP24 Electronic control Parts
Transmission ZF Fluid/Oils
ZF Transmission Parts
ZF Valve bodies


1998 Climate Control Diagnostics Procedure on testing your system
A/C Climate Control A/C Performance Test
A/C Compressor Replacement A/C Compressor replacement and flush
A/C Performance Test A/C Code Reading
Center Console Cup Holder Repair Cup Holder and Leather Repair
Head Rest Repair Repairs to the head rest
Heater Pump & Valve Repair Heater pump and valve R&R
I-Pod Install & Bulb Replacement Installing I-Pod connection & bulb replacement
Instrument Bulb Replacement & Repair Replacing Instrument light bulbs
Loose Mirror Repair Repair when the mirror is loose and vibrating
Rear Quarter Window Regulator Replacement How to replace quarter window regulator on convertible
Seat Control Module Repair Repair of the module circuit board
Seat Repair Repair and refinish seats
Speaker Replacement XK8 / R Speaker Replacement
Sun Visor Mirror Repair sun visor when the door does not stay closed.
Windshield Vent Rattle Vent rattle
Wind Deflector Wind deflector for XK8
XK8 Window Reset Reset Procedure for windows 
Parasitic Test Check for battery load
Link to Jaguar Extras Additional Electrical information


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